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Acacia Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

"I participate in my own healing process with joy"

Affirmation from Louise L. Hay
"2 years ago I started suffering from Hot Flashes. It was depleting my energy. I visited Nadine and had four Japanese Acupuncture treatments and took a raw herb formula for one week. I have not had a hot flash since. I always refer my clients to Nadine " -Linda Mills, Certified Rolfer, Age 54
"When a broken wrist required 8 screws for reconstruction I was warned I might have some nerve damage and would most likely lose some range of motion. My physical therapist recommended acupuncture and laser treatments from Nadine . The recovery is so complete that I sometimes forget which wrist was broken until I see the scar. "- Edmund C.
"I periodically suffer from sciatica which keeps me from bicycling and regular exercise. My partner and I planned a three week tour of Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Just before we were to leave I had a particularly bad bout of sciatica; I was not even able to walk. I contacted Nadine at Acacia Acupuncture and after two treatments I was able to walk pain free and could enjoy Arizona's spectacular scenery without using anti-inflammatory or pain killing drugs. It was the trip of a lifetime....
Acupuncture is now my first line of treatment whenever I feel sciatica or  any other pain issues coming on." - Sue H.

" I am fortunate to have met Nadine Butler, her treatments greatly assisted my recovery following chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I believe that the acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped me to gain my strength back I believe Nadine is truly a healer, and I will absolutely continue to seek her services for medical issues and general well being" -
Marc F.
 "I injured  my groin muscle while running. It was extremely  painful even while walking. A visit to Nadine at Acacia Acupuncture had me running again without pain within a day.  It was truly amazing!"- Beth B.
"I was suffering from low energy and insomnia for a couple of years. After having acupuncture treatments and an herbal formula from Nadine I now have consistent energy and am sleeping well. Her empathy and gentle spirit made me extremely comfortable." -Lynn B. Age 60