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"Tian, di, ren, xiang tong yi"

Lao- zi

Why I chose Traditional Chinese Medicine.......

Years ago  my husband and I moved from Seattle to Tucson. Having survived a sky diving accident I took up running as part of my physical therapy . I had a chronic knee situation that kept me from running more times than not. I decided to try acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine myself for this long standing  runners injury. I  had several treatments focused on removing stagnation and stimulating blood flow to the muscles and tendons along my iliotibial band. I have been running injury free for many years since.  I became a true believer of this medicine and an evangelist as well. I later turned to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for treating menopausal symptoms as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. This proved to be a very comfortable nourishing way to ease my body through the transition. I felt the need to serve others in the same way. I entered the program at the Asian Institute of Medical studies.

What is your answer to these questions?

~Are you experiencing pain in your joints and wish you could exercise pain free again? 
~Do you have trouble waking in the morning?
~Do you suffer from headaches that keep you from participating in activities you love?
~Do you wish you could hike again?
~Do you remember when life felt less stressful? 
~Do you want to experience vibrant health? 

If you answered YES! to any of these questions... Traditional Chinese Medicine can help vibrant health become your reality

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